5 Best Businesses To Start in Kaduna State

best businesses to start in Kaduna

Are you looking for the best business to start in Kaduna? I’ve got you covered. Here is a guide that shows you the best and highly profitable businesses you can start in Kaduna State. Make sure you read till the end and take action immediately. In this article, I’ll show you the best five (5) businesses you can start even if you are a total beginner. I knew you would find this guide therefore I have done the research JUST FOR YOU.

It does not matter whether you are an NYSC corp-member, a student, already employed or unemployed, you can execute the businesses I will show you in this article and trust me you will see results.

Top 5 Best Businesses To Start in Kaduna State, Nigeria

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. E-Commerce (Mini Importation)
  3. Information Publishing
  4. Blogging
  5. Freelancing

1.     Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing as one of the best business to start in Kaduna

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s products and getting paid a certain commission for it when a sale is made. I call this an introvert’s business. The best part of this is that you can get paid up to 50% commission on each sale. Assuming a product sells for N40,000, you can get paid N20,000 for each sale made. The beauty of it is that you can do it without leaving your room because everything is done online.

There is no limit to how much you can earn with Affiliate marketing. An interesting fact to note is that not many people in Nigeria know about Affiliate Marketing. Check out this video about Affiliate Marketing.

How can I start Affiliate Marketing?

How to start Affiliate Marketing in Kaduna Nigeria

Follow the following steps to start Affiliate Marketing:

Decide on your niche

Your niche is the aspect of affiliate marketing you are going into. Some niches are Finance, weight loss, software, automobile, relationship, etc. If you choose Finance niche, it means you will be promoting products that teach people how to make money. However, if you are in the weight loss niche, you will be promoting products that help people lose weight. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. You can skip this step and decide your niche later.

Join an Affiliate Network

There are many affiliate networks in Nigeria that will pay you when you refer a customer that buys a product from them. Some of them are:

Expertnaire: Expertnaire is one of the best Affiliate Networks in Nigeria, created by Toyin Omotosho. They pay their affiliates every Friday. It is an affiliate company that sells digital products like online courses. However, to join Expertnaire, you have to register with N10,000. Click here to sign up with Expertnaire.

Jumia: A lot of people buy products from Jumia but they don’t know that they can make money on Jumia. Jumia has an affiliate program that pays you when you refer a customer to them. Click here to sign up for Jumia affiliate program.

Other affiliate programs in Nigeria are Konga, Travelstart, and so on.

Get your affiliate links

An affiliate link is a unique link given to affiliates. Every affiliate marketer has their own unique link. This link is what you give out to your customers. It is also used to track sales, to know which particular affiliate sent the buyer.

Start promoting

There are different ways to promote a product.

Free advertising: This involves advertising to people one on one. You can advertise to your Whatsapp contacts, Facebook friends, neighbours, and so on. It is called free advertising because you are not paying for it. However, there is another better way to advertise. This is called paid advertising.

Paid advertising: Paid advertising is an advertisement you are paying for. This is far more effective than free advertising. You can reach as many people as possible even without leaving your room. You can do paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and so on.

This method requires you to automate the buying process using a sales funnel. A Sales Funnel is the processes you make a customer go through to buy what you are selling. A sales funnel includes the following:  Advert ==> Presell article ==> Landing page ==> Thank you page ==> Sales page. Learn more about Affiliate Marketing in this video.

2.     E-Commerce (Mini Importation)

E-commerce as one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna Nigeria

Mini importation business, also known as E-Commerce is one of the most profitable businesses you can engage in. E-Commerce is a business model that involves importing goods from countries like China or USA at very cheap prices and selling them at your own desired price here in Nigeria.

You do not have to travel to import the goods, even with your mobile phone, you can order for goods and it will be delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria. You do not have to be in Lagos to do this. This is one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna. All you need is a traceable address where your goods will be delivered to. However, to be successful in E-Commerce, you have to learn the strategies to become successful in the business.

Not everyone who goes into E-Commerce business becomes successful. This is because they are not properly guided or trained. You need to learn from an expert, who will also double as a mentor to be successful in mini importation business. A mentor is someone who is successful in the business already and is willing to take you by the hand and walk you through the same steps he/she took to become successful. The mentor will help you to avoid the common mistakes other people make in the business.

Jonathan Melody, one of the most successful mini importers in Nigeria created a video training on E-Commerce. He calls it the Perfect E-Commerce Business. Click here to see the video. Another successful mini importer in Nigeria, Patrick Ogidi made a video training also teaching people about E-Commerce business. Click here to see the video. Both of them will make good mentors.

Benefits of E-Commerce/Mini Importation Business

  • A physical store is not needed to get started
  • You do not need to be where your customers are to sell your products.
  • Moreover, you do not have to sell your goods yourself. You can list your goods on Jumia and they will sell it for you for a little commission. (Many people don’t know this).
  • Having a website is great but not necessarily needed to start an E-Commerce business.
  • You can start with as little as N20,000.

3.     Information Publishing

information publishing in Nigeria

One of the most lucrative businesses one can start is Information Publishing. It involves creating information products and packaging them into e-books, video tutorials, online courses, or CDs in order to solve people’s problems and make money from it. It is the easiest and fastest means of making money on the internet.

You can start information publishing business without prior experience. You do not have to be a University graduate to do this. Anyone can, even a school dropout. It is a business model that involves putting down your ideas or knowledge of a particular area to help people solve their problems. For instance, if you know a guaranteed way to lose weight, you can create an eBook or video tutorial on how to lose weight and sell it to people online.

So many people are looking for means to lose weight. People are constantly seeking for solutions to their problems and they will pay any amount just to get a solution. As a matter of fact, you can make money from information publishing even if you don’t know how to write. This is possible by leveraging on what others have written already.

There are people who have created information products already and will give you the license to put your name as the author, sell and keep 100% of the profit. This is called Private Label Rights (PLR) and it is totally legal. Here are some PLR sites: www.2plr.com, www.idplr.com, www.theplrstore.com, and many others. There are different categories of products on those websites. Not all their products have resell rights. You just have to look for the ones that have resell rights.

However, some of these PLR sites will require you to register with a little money. This is totally okay. Pay a little fee to join and get a license to sell their products, keeping 100% of the profit. It’s a win-win situation. This is absolutely one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna. Here is a very helpful video that explains more in detail about Information Publishing. Click here to see the video.

4.     Blogging

Blogging as one of the businesses to start in Kaduna

Blogging is a surly one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna but overlooked by many people. It entails writing articles that solve people’s problems on your blog or website. Maybe you are thinking oh I don’t know how to write. Don’t worry, relax your mind. There are freelance writers who are more than willing to write for you at a little price.

How can I make money from blogging?

Making money from blogging is very simple. Follow these steps to discover how you can start making money from blogging:

Create a website

The first step is to create a website. For as little as N10,000 you can own a website. This article will guide you on how to create a website. Note that a website and a blog are the same. The difference is just how you structure them.

Pick a niche

The second step is to pick a profitable niche. This is a specific area you want to be blogging about. Some niches are more profitable than others. Here are some profitable niches you can blog about: finance, electronics, weight loss, software, etc.

Do a proper Keyword Research

The third step is to research on the topics people are searching for. Keyword research is the process of searching for topics that many people are searching for. Blogging is not just about writing what you want. You won’t make money that way. You have to know what people are searching for and provide a solution for them by writing about it.

Watch this video that explains more about keyword research.

Here is a tool that will help you to do a good keyword research. You can sign up for a 10-day free trial here.

Start posting contents

The next step after doing a proper topic research is to start posting articles based on the topics you found. Post as many relevant contents as possible. This will help you to rank well on Google when people are searching for those topics.

Monetize your website with Google Adsense

The next step is to register your website for the Google Adsense Program. This means that Google will be placing advertisements on your website and pay you when people click on them. Nevertheless, you have to be transparent with this method by ensuring you are not clicking the advertisements yourself. You will get penalized if you do that.

At first, Google won’t pay you until your earnings reach $100, and then subsequently you get paid your earnings every month no matter how much or little. However, your website has to be at least six months old before you can register for the Google Adsense Program. There are other programs apart from Google Adsense that will also pay you to place their adverts on your website if your website meets their requirements.

Monetize your website through Affiliate Marketing

This is another way to make money from blogging. It is far more profitable than Google Adsense. You can do this by embedding your affiliate links inside your blog posts. For example, if you are an affiliate for Jumia, you can write a review about an electronics product.

People are always looking for a review before they make a purchase. When they read your post and are satisfied, they will surely click on the link you provided in the post which is your affiliate link to make a purchase. Once this is done, you get paid. This is also one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna.

Selling your own information products

selling information products as one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna

You can also make money from blogging by selling your own information products to your website visitors. If you have a product to sell, place it on your blog or advertise it somewhere in your articles. This is another great way to make money.

5.     Freelancing

Freelancing as one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna

Freelancing is a great way to turn your skills into cash. It is one of the best businesses to start in Kaduna. You have to register on sites like Fiverr and Upwork as a freelancer. Freelance sites are sites where buyers and sellers meet to transact business. If you are a writer, you can write for people at you own desired price.

You can even get a job and give it to another cheaper freelancer to do for you if you do not have the relevant skills needed and keep the profit. The process to become a freelancer is simple. Register, create your first gig (a gig is your profile), advertise your gig and start selling your skills.


Every business takes time to start yielding profit. Any business that promises overnight success is no business at all. You are looking for the best businesses to start in Kaduna and there they are: Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Information Publishing, Blogging and Freelancing. Make sure you don’t just read, take action and start something today. The earlier you start that business the better for you.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. All the best!

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