How to get a cheap website design for your business Right Away

How to get a cheap website design for your business in 2020

Are you looking for how to get a cheap website design for your business? Look no further because I’ve got you covered. Here in this article you are going to discover exactly how you can create a website for your business that will cost you close to nothing. You don’t need a lot of money to own a website as many people think.

Having a website for your business is very important if you want to stand out among your competitors. There are many reasons why it’s so important. Firstly, it gives your brand a massive awareness and secondly, it serves as an additional source of income to you.

According to Internet stats, there are over 4.8 billion internet users all over the world. Your website puts you, your business, or whatever you are selling in front of them.

That is the major purpose of having a website. It is your ambassador that represents you where you can’t possibly reach. You can create a website for any type of business, whether it’s a physical one with a specific location or an online business, working from home or anywhere around the world.

People turn to the internet to search for everything nowadays. You may be surprised at many funny things some people search for. Therefore, your website is the bridge that connects you and your potential customers together. It puts your business in front of them, even while you are sleeping.  

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6 Steps to get a cheap website design for you

Below are the steps you should take in order to get yourself a cheap and an affordable website:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Buy a hosting plan
  3. Set up WordPress
  4. Customize your website
  5. Index your website
  6. Start posting engaging Contents

1. Buy a Domain Name

Buy a Domain Name to get a cheap website design

The first step to having a cheap website design for your business is to get a domain name. A domain name is basically the name you want your website to be called. This is a crucial aspect of building your site because it is your site’s URL. Every website on the planet has a domain name. Google is the domain name for and Bing is the domain name for

Your domain name is what makes you stand out. No two domain names can be the same. If for example you buy the domain name,, no one else can buy it again as long as you are in possession of it. It’s now peculiar to you. They may only be able to buy or if they are available.

You can freely check below for domain availability before you buy.

When choosing a domain name, you may decide to use your name, your business name, or a totally different name. However, it is important to choose a domain name that resonates with your business. Bluehost offers free domain name registration for the first year if you buy a hosting plan from them.


Quick tips for choosing a domain name

  1. Make it short and simple: This is important so that it will be easy for people to remember.
  2. Avoid using hyphens or numbers
  3. Make sure it is easy to pronounce

2. Buy a Hosting Plan

Buy cheap web hosting to get a cheap website design for your business

A hosting is the server that houses all the contents of your website. Every website has a hosting plan. You do not want to lose the contents of your website as soon as you close your browser, that’s why you need a place on the internet where they will be stored securely. Also, without a web hosting plan, no one will find the contents of your website.

Bluehost has some cheap hosting plans to get you started. A domain name and a hosting plan are all you need to buy to get your business on the web. After you purchase them, automatically your website will be ready for you to customize.   

Here are some benefits you get when you buy a hosting plan:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Custom Email accounts
  • WordPress (One click install)

3. Set Up WordPress

Setting up WordPress for your cheap website design

After you pay for your hosting package, a username and a password to access your hosting plan’s control panel will be sent to your Email address which you can change anytime. The control panel is the back end of your website. Login to the Cpanel and download WordPress from there in just one click. Alternatively, you can download WordPress with your browser and install it manually.

4. Customize your Website

Customizing your cheap website design

Now that your website is ready for customization, do the following –

  1. Choose a theme: WordPress comes with some free themes. You can select any of them. You can also download other free themes.
  2. Install the theme: After selecting the best theme, install it.
  3. Fonts, widgets and sidebars: Choose your preferable fonts and how you want your widgets and sidebars to look like.

5. Index Your Website

If you want search engines like Google and Bing to show the contents of your website on their search results, you have to index your website. This is what makes people see your website in search results when they type in search queries. It is also a way to verify with Google that you are the original owner of the site.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console using your Gmail account. Here is a recommended video about how to set up your site with Google Search Console.
  2. Submit your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console.
  3. Sign up for Google Analytics. Watch this video guide to learn how to set up Google Analytics

6. Start Posting Engaging Contents

Posting engaging blog contents for your cheap website design

Great content is the back bone of every successful site. After customizing your newly created site, the next thing you should do is to start posting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly contents.

Check this out for how to get traffic to your website.

The most important aspect in getting the contents of your website ranked on search engines, especially on Google, is keyword research. Your keywords are the topics you intend to write about. You have to do some research on what to write before you start writing posts. Be mindful that you do not write just what you want, but you write what your potential customers are searching for.

This is why keyword research is the most important aspect of your Search Engine Optimization. Use tools like KWFinder, SEMRush and Ubersuggest to find keywords (topics) related to your niche that people are consistently searching for. For a new website, don’t go for keywords that have extremely high search volume. It will be difficult to rank on search engines for such keywords.

What you should look for is a keyword with a fairly high volume with a low SEO difficulty score. I recommend this tool for checking SEO difficulty score. SEO difficulty score is a metric score between 0 t0 100. The lower the difficulty score, the higher your chances of getting ranked for them on Google.

Why you should get a cheap website design for your business

Puts your business in front of a large audience

The internet is where your prospects go to in search for information. They make use of search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, you can possibly put your business in front of them through your website when they search. But it doesn’t happen automatically, you have to do it the right way. This means you have to optimize your website in a way that search engines can find it and put it in front of the right audience. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here is a good article that explains SEO more. As part of the strategies to optimize your website, you need to do a good keyword research. SEMRush is an excellent tool for this. You can try it for free for 30 days.

Increases the productivity of your business

Your site can potentially generate massive revenue for you. Apart from the fact that your website puts your business in front of a large audience which will generate a high ROI for your business, you can monetize it in other ways.

Once your website is up to six months old, and it’s generating a decent amount of traffic, you can sign up for Google Adsense. It’s a program whereby Google places advertisements on your website and you get paid when people click on them.

Moreover, you can monetize your website through Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the best ways of monetizing your website. This model involves promoting other people’s products and getting paid a certain commission for each sale made with your unique affiliate link. You can easily do this by placing your links in your relevant posts.

Source of information to your customers

People have problems and they go online to source for solutions to the problems and that is where your website comes in, because you have the solutions. You can post engaging problem solving contents on your website so that when they search, they will find it. If it solves their problem, they will trust you enough to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell to them. Internet marketing involves delivering great value. You provide a valuable content for your audience and they buy your product or service in return. It’s a win-win situation.

Gives your business credibility

Although you do not need to create website to build a local business, but for your business to be really trusted, having a website is crucial. As a matter of fact, most successful businesses have websites.

Access to professional Email address

You will have a free access to a custom email account when you buy a hosting plan for your site. This is different from the usual Gmail or Yahoo mail. It’s going to be personalized with your website URL. A professional Email address will look like this: “” or “”. It gives your business a kind of branding.

Here are some benefits of having a professional email address:
  • Trustworthiness: Having a professional email increases customers’ confidence in your business. They will have more confidence in doing business with you.

  • Email marketing: Email marketing is a service that allows you to manage the contacts of your audience. With it you can automate messages, create sign up forms and follow up on your leads and customers. A professional email is the best for email marketing. Some email marketing companies won’t accept you into their service unless you have a professional email. Clickfunnels and GetResponse are awesome email marketing softwares you can use with your website.

  • Build an Email list: Another reason why you need a website is to build an email list. One good way to build an email list is to turn your website visitors into customers. Your email list is a list of people who willingly subscribes to whatever you are offering through your website by giving you their email addresses. By this, you can turn website visitors into customers. You can leverage on this to make them keep coming back to your site.


Final thoughts on how to get a cheap website design for your business

Having a website either for personal use or for a business is good and having a cheap website design for your business is a great way to start. It makes your business outstanding. In addition to that, your business gets a high Return on Investment if you do it the right way. I can’t think of any disadvantage of having a cheap website design for your business. Therefore, take action and create that website for your business now if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading.

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