Content Gorilla Review: Is it worth your time?

Content Gorilla review

Are you a blogger, content writer or an SEO expert and you struggle to get good content to your website, blog or your clients’ websites? Content Gorilla is a cloud based software to help you get good quality content on your website without any hassle from YouTube. Here is a complete Content Gorilla review just for you.

What is Content Gorilla all about? How does it work? What does it do?

Read on…

In this article, all your questions will be answered and even before you finish reading, you’ll agree with me that this is JUST FOR YOU.

This article is a complete Content Gorilla review and it will serve as a guide to help you get all the information you need before buying this product.

Disclosure: we may get a commission from qualifying purchases made through affiliate links in this post but at no additional cost to you.

What is Content Gorilla?

Content Gorilla is simply a cloud based software that CONVERTS any Youtube video with a closed caption into a FULLY FORMATTED BLOG POST in a matter of seconds.


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Getting content, I mean quality content, is demanding, especially for new bloggers. Trust me, I truly understand how demanding it is to get it.

What if you have a software that does that for you in just three (3) mouse clicks? How would you feel?

Relaxed, I guess.

If you ask me, I will feel relaxed and happy because Content Gorilla is a chilled water to the soul of a thirsty blogger.

We all know that getting good quality content on a website is demanding. To get quality content takes time and effort or money. You either write the content yourself or hire an expensive writer. With Content Gorilla, you don’t have to do any of those two.

Pay for a one-time price and forget about ever needing to hire an expensive writer. Content Gorilla converts a YouTube video with closed captions into a fully formatted optimized blog post in a few seconds.

How does it work?

I was curious about this question too when I came across this product. However, I took my time to study it so that I will be able to give you a thorough review of Content Gorilla.  

It works using YouTube videos with closed captions (subtitles). It extracts the entire caption and turns them into a blog post for you easily. You don’t have to worry about getting flagged by YouTube because it filters out the videos under the creative commons license and converts them for you.

The process is totally legal and acceptable.

Who can use Content Gorilla?

The answer is simple…

Bloggers, Content Creators, Marketers, SEO experts, Affiliate Marketers, students and everyone who wants to build hands off traffic machine.

If you have any movie under the creative commons license of YouTube that you want to convert to text, here is an opportunity. In fact, this product filters them for you.

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What’s in it for me? (Bonuses)

When you buy Content Gorilla at the limited time price the product creator is offering it, you get the following bonuses along with it:

  • Bonus 01 (Live workshop: Value $97) – You will have the privilege of attending a live workshop with the creator of this product. He will share with you how he, along with his team, created a business that generates 6 figures yearly on the back of regular content and free traffic.

In this session, he is going to walk you through a step by step way he did it and how you can duplicate, emulate, and model the same method using Content Gorilla.

  • Bonus 02 – Here the product creator will give you a video course by himself on how you can build a self hosted WordPress website from scratch without writing any code. Isn’t that wonderful?

The course is divided into modules. Here are the things you will get in this course:

Module #1 – Introduction:


  1. What is WordPress and why you should use it.
  2. The difference between &
  3. Differences between a blog and a website

Module #2 – Domain & Hosting

  1. Selecting a niche.
  2. Picking an appropriate domain name.
  3. Buying the right hosting package.
  4. Hosting the domain.

Module #3 – WordPress Basic:

  1. Installing WordPress on your domain.
  2. Changing basic settings.
  3. Installing required plugins.
  4. Picking and installing the right theme.

Module #4 – WordPress Advanced

  1. Setting up the appearance of your website.
  2. Understanding built-in WordPress features.
  3. Optimizing your website for higher rankings.
  4. Using plugins to maximize the potential of your website.
  5. Installing an SSL to secure your website
  6. Creating Content with Content Gorilla.

Note: This course is valued at $197 but you are getting it for FREE.

Claim your bonuses here


Here are the pros of this product:

  • A time saved is a life saved. As a result, Content Gorilla saves you precious time of writing articles for your blogs. It does that for you while you invest that time on other things.
  • Create content in 105 languages around the world including languages that are written from the right side to the left like Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Content Gorilla has an inbuilt grammar correction tool. You don’t need to worry about having errors in your articles. Content Gorilla takes care of that for you.

Tip: In case you need a FREE grammar correction tool, try Grammarly.  

  • Content Gorilla is integrated with WordPress. Just download the plugin, install it on your wordpress website and you are good to go.
  • When you purchase Content Gorilla, you have the liberty to share your links on their website. If you are an affiliate marketer, this is great news for you.
  • It has an inbuilt article rewriter. In case you don’t know what that means, an article rewriter rewrites your articles for you. It doesn’t just copy closed captions from YouTube, it rewrites them.
  • You can use up to ten (10) websites on one account.
  • It supports multi-publishing to multiple blogs or websites at a time.
  • Easy access to full time customer support.
  • Images are automatically and perfectly added to your posts from the YouTube videos.


  • Content Gorilla software only works with videos that have closed captions (subtitles). If the video you are copying from doesn’t have a closed caption, it won’t work for you.

Pricing Information

Only $37 (for a limited time)

If you BUY NOW, you will only pay a one-time fee of $37…

BUT if you decide to buy later after this launching period, you will have to pay the original fee of $27 monthly.

This product is too good to buy later. BUY NOW and thank me later you did.

P.S. Did I tell you that you have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are in anyway not satisfied with the product?

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