Top 10 Best Places to Buy Furniture in Lagos

Where to buy furniture in Lagos

We need furniture in our homes, offices, schools, gardens, places of worship, in events, hotels and practically everywhere. You are probably looking for where to buy furniture in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria and that is the reason you found this guide. You just found the right guide and I am glad you did.

Here in this article you will discover the top 10 best places to buy furniture either in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria.

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Oh! By the way, I think I should let you know that furniture is not limited to materials made of wood alone…

Top 10 Places to Buy Furniture in Lagos, Nigeria


Location: Anywhere in Nigeria

Jumia is one of the most popular e-commerce websites where you can buy almost everything. Any product you order from Jumia will be delivered to your doorstep, from fashion to clothes to accessories, phones, electronics, furniture and many other things. That is the beauty of ordering for products online.

Jumia offers different types of furniture that will suit your home, office, or anywhere you want it.

Click here to see some awesome pieces of furniture you might be interested in.

One of the benefits of buying from Jumia is that whatever you order has been pre-made already and will get to you in real time. You won’t have to wait several days or weeks for your order to be completed.

Click here to visit Jumia


Konga, founded in 2012, is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Nigeria. There are different categories of products you can shop for on Konga. You will find products like furniture, home and kitchen appliances, mobile phones and tablets, groceries, computers, movies, and many more.

They offer various varieties of furniture which include living room furniture set, Modern wardrobe, TV stand, centre table, office table, office chair, dining sets and many more.

Click here to visit Konga.

An advantage of buying from Konga also is that the products are pre-made already. Therefore you won’t have to wait several weeks for it to get ready.

Click here to order for your piece of furniture from Konga.


If you are looking for a place to buy home wares, office furnishing and outdoor furniture for your lounge and garden, HOG furniture is a great place to buy from. With HOG Furniture, you can easily place an order online for any piece of furniture for your home, office or garden and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Some popular categories of furniture you can get from them are: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bar furniture, Bathroom furniture, dining furniture, kitchen furniture, Office furniture, conference room furniture, and outdoor furniture.

Another note worthy thing is that HOG Furniture offers a special shipping rate of only N2,500 for buyers in Lagos and Ogun States.  

Click here to visit HOG Furniture

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Domestico is one of the leading companies in Nigeria that sells any kind of furniture you want for your home or office. If you have a great taste for locally made products, Domestico is the right option for you. However, if your taste for furniture goes beyond the locally made ones, Domestico also sells imported pieces of furniture that will suit your taste.

They partner with major importers of furniture and big furniture brands in Nigeria to offer their customers luxury furniture. Therefore, if you are looking for where to buy furniture in Lagos or its environs, click here to order for any piece of furniture from Domestico.

Moreover, they offer free delivery on orders above N200,000.


Largelife furniture, located in Lagos, is an awesome place to buy affordable pieces of furniture for homes, hotels, hostels, offices, schools and practically everywhere furniture is needed. They combine affordability with quality. Moreover, they have a vision of making beautiful and high quality furniture accessible to every family in Nigeria. Whatever the size of your budget, you can still get any piece of furniture with great quality assured.

In addition to that, Largelife Furniture assures their clients of quick deliverability of any item you order for. In other words, you won’t have to worry about waiting endlessly for your order to arrive. Interestingly, the also make deliveries nationwide. You do not have to be in Lagos to make an order.

Visit Largelife Furniture

6.  FURNISH.NG is an interior design studio and furniture manufacturing company that strives to provide a world class customer service to their customers. You can buy furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant, bar, and even baby and kids furniture from them. Moreover, also supplies building materials for your building projects. offers their customers easy ways to have a customized order.

In other words, you can order for any piece of furniture with your desired specifications which include colour and texture and it will get delivered to you.  On, you can easily get affordable pieces of furniture and besides that, they also make nationwide delivery.



Winnyz Interiors, founded in 2007, is a furniture company located in Lagos producing furniture suitable for homes, offices, and hotels. They have showrooms at Ilupeju and Lekki phase 1, Lagos. However, they offer their customers the privilege to make orders with their desired specifications. Winnyz Interiors places premium on the satisfaction of their customers and more important, your budget is put into consideration when you make orders.

Winnyz Interior is actively engaged in delivering hotel furniture, home and office furniture, kitchen and wardrobes, ceiling, wall and floor finishes, window treatment, renovation and makeovers, reupholster of used sofas, interior design and space planning, office partitioning and more.

Visit Winnyz Interiors


Bedmate Furniture is located in Lagos and was founded in 2002. They make premium quality pieces of furniture that are suitable for homes, offices and hotels. Therefore, they seek to provide value and satisfaction to their customers by making comfortable and durable furniture for them.

If you have a specific taste  of furniture, you can also make an order with them with your desired specifications and it will get delivered to you. Bedmate Furniture has a vision of remaining the foremost furniture company in Nigeria and a mission to create the most unique premium furniture that serves as a tool and symbol of what brings people together, helping them achieve more, working and living better.

Visit Bedmate Furniture


Furniture Empire is a furniture and interior design company located at Victoria Island, Lagos. It started operations in Nigeria in 2011, delivering all kinds of furniture for homes, schools, hotels, and offices. They promise delivering world class quality pieces of furniture to their customers with five (5) years warranty.

Visit Furniture Empire

10.              IO FURNITURE

IO Furniture is an interior design and furniture manufacturing company committed to providing the best quality pieces of furniture to their customers. They are also reputed for integrity, excellence, quality, and reliability. They make pieces of furniture that are moisture resistant, anti-scratch and eco-friendly.

Visit IO Furniture


The use of furniture in our homes, offices schools and everywhere is inevitable. You are looking for where to buy furniture in Lagos and here you found it. Make sure you take action, click on a link and make that order.

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